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[For Activists to deliver to Animal Welfare Organizations]

To the animal rescuers, animal lovers, and leadership of [insert name of organization]

I’m writing to alert you about a massive catastrophe for animals happening right now and ask that your organization take immediate and decisive public action. It’s easily the most urgent crisis in the history of the animal welfare movement.

A mass extinction of species is now underway– up to 200 species are going extinct every day. That’s 1,000 to 10,000 times the normal rate of extinction, and none of us in animal welfare are talking about it!

I’m asking you to stand with other organizations across the country to help bring awareness and take immediate action at this most crucial moment for the animals.

Scientists are calling it the Sixth Great Mass Extinction of Species on Earth. And it’s happening fast. Unlike mass extinction events of the past, which have taken tens of thousands to millions of years, this mass extinction is happening in just decades. And it is all human caused.

According to scientists, we have 10 to 20 years, at most, to create meaningful change, or we may be in a fatal “runaway” scenario– and then it will be too late.

If enough animal lovers and animal welfare leaders will step up and lead to rally their colleagues and supporters, we have the power to forestall this catastrophe, but we must act now.

The primary drivers of this mass extinction of species are global deforestation, rainforest depletion, and climate change. As it turns out, the #1 cause of global deforestation, rainforest depletion, and climate change is global animal agriculture. And the sole basis for animal agriculture is meat and dairy consumers.

In addition, 99.7% of the animals killed every year in the US are farmed animals. Global Animal Agriculture is the #1 cause of animal cruelty.

Industry experts are predicting that meat and dairy consumption will increase 135% by the year 2050. As experts warn us, that is beyond unsustainable. But it means that meat and dairy consumers are our single greatest hope to mitigate this crisis.

In the face of these impending disasters- Global Animal Agriculture being the leading cause of animal cruelty, climate change, and mass species extinction, I’m asking you to lead your organization in taking a simple, vital action: adopt a public vegan policy for your organization. Then, help spread this urgent message by sharing the news of your new policy with your supporters and public.

A public vegan policy doesn’t mean everyone has to go vegan overnight. Rather, it’s a powerful, symbolic act that presents a unique opportunity for leaders to start this urgent conversation with their colleagues, supporters, and public about the impacts of meat and dairy consumption on this crises mentioned above.

Adopting a vegan policy is easy. In its simplest form, a vegan policy means that organizations choose not to serve animal products at any events, fundraisers, and functions. Visit to download a Vegan Policy Starter Kit, with easy templates for creating a board resolution, employee policy, public announcement, and case statement. (Direct link:

For most animal rescuers, our work for the animals is a way of life for us. Animal rescuers can be fearless advocates, and that’s why I’m hoping your organization will step up and lead at this crucial time in our history.

On behalf of the tens of thousands of wildlife species now facing imminent extinction; for the over one trillion fish, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and other farmed animals subjected to unimaginable cruelty and exploitation every year; for this next generation of humans who will inherit a world in chaos due to burgeoning climate change– the transition to a vegan diet is the single greatest action an individual can take.

At this urgent moment in history, we animal lovers must help lead our movement through this evolutionary leap in vegan advocacy. If we fail to lead now, we risk all the progress that human society has ever made for the animals- including our dog and cat work. It’s exactly that urgent.

Other animal welfare organizations have already adopted a public vegan policy. They were warned by some that such action might brand them ‘alarmists,’ or that they might lose donors or their volunteers. These groups report that the opposite has happened- that staff and supporters see such a policy as a logical extension of their values, and that they’ve even won over both new volunteers and donors!

Given the scope and urgency of these crises, your action to adopt a public vegan policy will be the single greatest contribution your organization will ever make for the animals.

Time is of the essence. Please take this action now. If you have any questions or need more information, please write me back. At the very least, please let me know if you intend to lead your organization in establishing a vegan policy.

I hope that you will take action during this most critical time in human history. The animals, our planet, and our future depend on it.

To a bright and sustainable future, Your Name

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