It’s the greatest crisis in the history of animal welfare and none of us are talking about it.

Scientists are calling it the Sixth Great Mass Extinction of Species on Earth. Up to 200 species are going extinct every day, and it’s happening fast.

Where previous mass extinctions have taken hundreds or thousands of years, this one is happening in just decades. And scientists say the leading cause of this mass extinction crisis is global animal agriculture (GAAg). It turns out that GAAg is also the leading driver of climate change.

[For a brief summary of the science supporting these claims, please see our FACT SHEET.]

Of course, the U.S. is far and away the #1 market for GAAg. That means U.S. meat and dairy consumers are far and away the #1 cause of both mass species extinction crisis and climate change.

It also means that U.S. meat and dairy consumers are our greatest hope for change: the transition to a vegan diet is the single most effective act an individual can take to impact both mass species extinction and climate change. But we must act now– we’re out of time.

To help meet this urgent opportunity, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is challenging our fellow animal rescue groups across the country to adopt a public vegan policy for their organization, and to encourage other animal rescue groups to do the same.

A public vegan policy doesn’t mean everyone has to go vegan overnight. Rather, it’s a powerful, symbolic act that presents a unique opportunity for animal rescuers to start an urgent conversation with their public about the impacts of meat and dairy consumption on the dual crises of mass species extinction and climate change.

Adopting a public vegan policy is easy. It just means that organizations choose not to serve animal products at all their functions. Here is our Vegan Policy Starter Kit with more info, including easy templates for creating a board resolution, employee policy, public announcement, and FAQs.

For most animal rescuers, our work for the animals is a way of life for us. We strive to be a force of uncompromised compassion for the animals we work to protect. Animal rescuers can be fearless advocates– and animal protection is “the cause most favorable to Americans”. That’s why we are calling on fellow animal welfare organizations to step up and lead at this most crucial time in human history.

Please take action. Sign and share the petition to challenge animal welfare groups across the country to adopt a vegan policy. Then join the team page for this campaign and learn how you can get involved in this important campaign for the animals and the Earth.

Thank you for your consideration of this most urgent initiative.


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